Is Online Gambling Legal in Missouri?

is online gambling legal in missouri

Missouri stands out among states as one of the only ones without legalized sports wagering and state-licensed internet casinos. That could soon change; for now though residents can enjoy legal gambling at riverboat casinos or place pari-mutuel bets on horse races legally. Online poker and social casino games are prohibited; however regulated bingo does exist within Missouri’s borders.

While lawmakers have attempted to legalize sports betting, lawmakers remain divided over how best to legalize it. One key point of contention involves whether sports betting should be combined with regulation of video lottery terminals currently installed at convenience stores and truck stops; though many in the industry favor both initiatives separately. State casinos, on the other hand, oppose pairing them together.

In 2021, state senators Denny Hoskins and Caleb Rowden pre-filed bills related to sports betting before the session started. Rowden filed Senate Bill 256 to legalize sports gambling in Florida while Hoskins proposed Senate Bill 98 that would establish a regulated system including sports betting and horse racing betting alongside video lottery terminals at non-casino locations.

Both bills would have provided revenue for the state, yet both were held up in committee. Hoskins engaged in an 18-hour filibuster against opponents to his bill before and finally managed to add language that required official league data and integrity fees; Rowden’s bill ultimately failed in legislature.

Missouri may take another significant step toward legalized sports betting with the passage of House Bill 2552, supported by Missouri casinos and professional sports teams. This bill seeks to allow riverboat casinos to provide sports betting apps and retail sportsbooks. But before being approved by legislators, HB 2552 likely needs amendment.

When Missouri legalizes sports betting, expect to find several major sportsbooks offering a range of markets. DraftKings has already launched in multiple states and will likely make its presence known once it has the green light to do so in Missouri as well. FanDuel provides Daily Fantasy Sports in Missouri via their partnership agreement with Boyd Gaming which operates multiple casinos throughout Missouri.

The Cave State may be behind when it comes to legal sports betting, but its progress towards legalization is gradual. Daily fantasy sports operators licenses have already been granted and several land-based racetracks accept pari-mutuel bets; licensed lotteries that sell state tickets are available at some casinos as well as online ticket agents. While North Dakota may have a reputation for being conservative when it comes to gambling laws, efforts have recently been undertaken by 13 casinos and six professional sports teams in hiring lobbyists in an effort to speed things along towards legalization – hopefully these efforts will bear fruit!