Rays of Sunshine – Find Hope and Joy on Sunny Blog

Rays of Sunshine Find Hope and Joy on Sunny Blog

Rays of Sunshine is a special program offering physical and psychological support for patients living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome or related conditions. Through cards, friendship bracelets, blankets and warrior glam bags, this positive organization gives comfort during what can often be an emotionally and physically taxing time in life.

A ray of sunshine is an invaluable source of happiness that brings light and warmth into our days, particularly on cold autumn mornings. People themselves can also serve as beacons of optimism by being an example for others to follow.

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A “ray of sunshine” can be defined as anyone or anything that brings joy into an otherwise sad or hopeless situation, often at just the right moment. She considers her granddaughter “her little ray of sunshine”, because she brightens up her life and makes it all that much happier.

Amy’s Rays of Sunshine is a 501(c)3 charity dedicated to sharing the kindness and support Amy received during her bone marrow transplant in 2019. Their program gives young adult patients beginning the journey towards bone marrow transplant a box full of motivational messages and resources to assist in getting through what can be a physically and emotionally taxing 90-day process.


There are people out there who truly are like little rays of sunshine. While they might not warm your back on a cool autumn day, when you catch sight of their positivity and joy your entire being becomes just a bit lighter.

In this interview we meet Ray from Sunshine International Arts; an extraordinary local treasure with passion, creativity and playfulness in spades. He runs his Loughborough Junction studio complex like an eco-entrepreneur without losing its traditional values: community building with craft abounding as part of what it means to provide opportunities for all those in need of them.

Young writer Isla made her Rays of Sunshine wish come true by meeting author Jacqueline Wilson and making her television debut on CBBC Newsround. Read about Isla’s incredible day with an experience fit for a best-selling novelist.

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Rays of Sunshine is a charity dedicated to grant magical wishes for children living with life-limiting illnesses and their families. These magical wishes provide positive distraction, reduce isolation, and create unforgettable memories for these remarkable youngsters and their loved ones.

People who spread happiness and positivity into others’ lives can bring hope, optimism and cheer into our daily lives. Their presence uplifts and brightens spirits wherever they may be found. You’ll find them everywhere from work environments to social gatherings.

Amy’s Rays of Sunshine is a non-profit 501(c)3 founded by Amy Steeves to pay forward the love and support she received during her own bone marrow transplant in 2019. The organization provides young adult patients with 90 inspirational and comforting messages designed to ease through this physically and emotionally trying period of their lives.

Bird & Blend has generously selected Rays of Sunshine as their ChariTEA of the Quarter from October through December 2023. All proceeds from sales of their Enchanted Narnia Tea blend will be used to grant more Wishes while raising awareness and spreading positivi-TEA!


Amy Steeves founded Rays of Sunshine to give back some of the love and support she received during her own bone marrow transplant in 2019. Amy’s organization sends young adult patients who are going through bone marrow transplant procedures inspirational cards, notes and gifts in order to cheer them up during this physically and emotionally draining time.

When we refer to someone or something as being “rays of sunshine”, we mean that they bring joy and happiness into others’ lives. Emily Jones will certainly bring light into mine! I look forward to her first birthday next week being one big source of brightness!

Have you ever found yourself asking why, even when the Sun is hidden behind clouds or trees, sunbeams still shine across the ground? It’s because these sunbeams appear parallel when there is no obstruction; as they move closer towards you they converge back toward their source due to both its size and distance from Earth.